Luxury Restroom Trailers

AJAX Waste Services Inc. provides beautiful restroom trailers for daily or extended rental in Chicago and the surrounding counties. Our new restroom trailers are perfect for your outdoor wedding, party, sporting event, corporate function or any event where additional or outdoor restrooms are necessary.

We have restroom trailers available in two, three, five, and eight station sizes. These roomy restroom trailers are just as clean and comfortable as your home bathrooms. The trailers are equipped with push button flush toilets, warm water sinks, heating and air conditioning for the comfort of your guests or customers. We can even provide an attendant to keep the restroom spotless and well supplied. Restroom trailers can provide you with an inside restroom experience without the wear and tear on your home, septic, or business.

Two Station Trailer

2 Station Luxury Trailer
two station
Two station trailer has 750 uses.

Three Station Trailer

Three Station Luxury Trailer
three station
Three station trailer has 1125 uses.

Five Station ADA Trailer

5 Station Luxury Trailer
5 Station
Five station trailer has 1125 uses.

Eight Station Trailer

5 Station Luxury Trailer
8 Station
Eight station trailer has 1800 uses.

Restroom Trailer Amenities:

  • Hands Free Faucet
  • Warm Water
  • Wall Push Button Flush Toilet
  • Urinal in Men's Restroom
  • Mirror
  • Garbage Can
  • Air Freshener
  • Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Exterior Lighting

The following items will be the customer's responsibility prior to delivery.

  • Trailer will need 1 to 4 dedicated 20-amp power circuits.
  • Power cables properly sized (gauge) for the distance it will run from and the 20 amps it will draw.
  • The location for the trailer needs to be level and dry.
  • Access by our truck is necessary for delivery, pickup and service.
  • Trailer may need to be pumped out daily or during a long event depending on usage.

In addition to the restroom trailer these optional items can be provided:

  • An hourly attendant to keep the restroom clean and stocked.
  • A generator when a power source is not available.
  • Properly sized and gauged power cords from the generator.